Work commissioned by Aarhus Billedkunstcenter made in collaboration with Sophie Filtenborg.
Printed text on packaging tape, 2022

The work consists of a roll of tape of which there are 7 different versions with different fragments of text. The fragments are taken from different contexts – some found in the texts the artists encounter in their everyday life, others written down from experiences in the art industry.
What the different versions of the work have in common is that they all relate to the artistic work at different levels; economically, socially and personally and in that way tries to reproduce the many facets of the artistic practice. The work can be said to be text as distribution, so that the tape lease can be functionally used in a work context, among artists, gallerists, museum employees, etc., and in that way spread in the invisible work that can be, packing works of art in and out, sending /receive and otherwise spread the art. The text on the tape will appear even more fragmented when it is applied to packaging, and the text elements will thus be recognizable to some, and harder to decode for others.